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Edward Olmsted, President

Edward Olmsted has twenty-six years experience in the professional practice of industrial hygiene and is certified in the practice of industrial hygiene by the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene. He is a certified industrial hygienist (CIH), as well as a certified safety professional (CSP), has a an undergraduate biology degree (BS) from SUNY Buffalo and a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Hunter College. He was awarded the Hunter College Urban Public Health Alumni achievement award for outstanding contributions to urban health, education, research and service in 2003.

Edward Olmsted is a prolific speaker and teacher. For example, He was course director of the Region III OSHA training Institute in 2004 for Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene for MEHRC, and adjunct professor at Hunter College for Fundamentals of Quantitative Industrial Hygiene, and Industrial Ventilation, which are relevant to mold/bioaersols. He has also taught extensively, specifically on bioaerosols/molds, as in How to Conduct An Indoor Air Quality Survey" and Building Air Quality for Midlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center (MEHRC) approximately 30 times from 1993-1996. He was a guest lecturer on 4 occasions for the Columbia University Program at the school of Public Health, where he presented material on "Bioaerosol investigations and Health Implications."

Edward Olmsted began doing mold/Bioaerosol surveys in 1991, has continuously done such surveys since that time, and has investigated well over 1000 different buildings for clients of many different types. He has designed and project managed over 100 mold remediation projects. His clients include NYS governmental agencies, federal agencies, NYC governmental agencies, corporate clients, insurance companies, universities, labor unions, schools, hospitals and private persons.

Edward Olmsted has published results of scientific investigations of bioaerosols (molds, bacteria) and airborne particulate matter. These publications include an investigation of a sewerage treatment plant, and assessment of exposure and potential health effects on workers which was published in a scholarly journal, the Proceedings from the International Conference Held at Saratoga Springs, NY, Oct 6-7 1994 p93-98 (1995) and Eckhart Johanning, Paul Landsbergis, Manfred Gareis, Chin S. Yang, and Ed Olmsted, "Clinical Experience and Results of a Sentinel Health Investigation Related to Indoor Fungal Exposure," 1999, Environmental Health Perspectives Supplement Volume 107 Number S3, June 1999 which reviews exposure conditions clinical presentation and morbidity of children and adults with indoor fungal exposures such as Stachybotrys chartarum.

The practice of industrial hygiene includes the assessment and evaluation of exposure to environmental hazards including bioaersols (microbial) exposures and the implementation of controls to reduce such hazards, which is also know as remediation of hazards. Both the physician and industrial hygienist are involved in the linking of exposure to environmental hazards and the health of the worker or exposed person. Edward Olmsted previously worked for the Long Island Environmental and Occupational Health Center, which is affiliated with the State University of New York Stony Brook, as an industrial hygienist working with the occupational and environmental health physician in the evaluation of exposure to hazards and the health issues with patients received at the clinic.

Edward Olmsted is a consultant with the US Public Health Service Division of Federal Occupational Health and has worked extensively with FOH since 1993. In that capacity he has conducted indoor environmental quality and microbial exposure surveys and assessment for numerous US agencies including the Social Security Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), General Services Administration, Department of the Navy, National Parks Service, Department of the Treasury, Centers for Disease Control and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Edward Olmsted received a national award by the Centers for Disease Control National Center for Infectious Diseases for contributions and participation in the health and safety and workforce wellness for agency employees. Edward Olmsted also received certificates in 1993 and 1995 from the United States Public Health Services(USPHS Region II) for acknowledgement of outstanding services to the Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Program. Edward Olmsted was one of only 2 industrial hygienists representing the United States Public Health service for ten months after the September 11 tragedy at the World Trade Center site monitoring the air and health of federal law enforcement personnel.

Edward Olmsted has developed the teaching curriculum and taught training programs for mold/microbial remediation for the Laborers AGC Union and the New York Metropolitan Area Carpenters Union for last two years. Over the past four months he has worked with the American Federation of Teachers in the development and implementation of mold/microbial hazards and remediation for the gulf area/Mississippi Katrina victims.

Edward Olmsted has, of course, taken continuing education and training courses in the Bioaerosol assessment, remediation and analysis. For example, in 2003 he has taken the reknowned McCrone Research Institute week long course on "Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification, and the 3 day conference on the Assessment, Remediation and Prevention of Mold Growth in Buildings, put on by MEHRC, and was a presenter there as well. He presented a talk there on the health hazards of chemical products used in mold remediation.

The premier conference on molds and bioaerosols is the International Conference at Saratoga Springs, New York. Since its inception, Edward Olmsted has worked on it in various capacities, including the scientific committee, where he has reviewed the publications and articles of other potential authors presenting at the conference. He has been a moderator and presenter at this conference as well.

Edward Olmsted has been certified as an expert witness in Bioaerosol (mold) related cases in many different legal forums, including US Federal District Court (Southern District of NY), NYS Supreme Court, NYC Housing Court, NYC Labor Relations Arbitrations. A few (not complete list) of the relevant cases include The Mail Handlers Union v. US Post Office (2002), regarding request for injunctive relief related to contamination of mail sorting facility with anthrax spores (Southern District of New York) , Birrenbach v. 157 E 57th St LLC regarding mold health effects and abatement in a residential apartment (Landlord Tenant Court, New York City Housing), Mossesson v. 290 West End Ave LLC regarding mold in a residential apartment (New York State Supreme Court), Class Action of Tenants v Phipps Houses (NYS Supreme Court) regarding mold in residential apartments,.